Hello I'm Jourdan

I make learning how to play music fun.

I'm a musician, producer, songwriter, and music educator and I music. I'm excited to share with you all that I've learned about music over the years and life along the way.



I began studying music when I was seven years old when my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. Then in fifth grade I started saxophone and quickly became interested in learning about anything and everything about music. Shortly thereafter, I began to teach myself guitar, bass, and drums and also toyed with writing my own songs.

Throughout high school I heavily involved in various ensembles including band, choir, and musical theater. I also connected with other musicians my age and forming bands. After graduation I continued my pursuit of music into collage and in 2003 received my Associates of Allied Science in Music Production from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. Then in 2008 received a Bachelor of Science in Music Theory and Composition from UW-La Crosse.


My playing experience covers a variety of styles and genres including: pop, rock, blues, jazz, funk, folk, electronic, and classical. As a multi-instrumentalist I've filled many roles over the years which has given me a broad perspective of music and deep understanding of how everything fits together.

As a performer, some of my previous groups include: Scuttlebuttin', Honeyshot, Hot Money, Eden's Empire, Dig, Hypnopotamus, Enowning, and the UW - La Crosse Jazz Ensemble. Over the years I've also helped record and produce albums for other artists including Field Stark's Long Goodbye and Judson Steinback's Jammin' at the Hollow.

In 2017 I self-released my debut album Come Alive. Currently I'm working on a follow-up EP to Come Alive title In Between the Middle. You can find me performing around the greater Madison area as a solo artist or with my wife Mary. You can check out my music and performance schedule by visiting www.jourdanhines.com.

Other Interests

In addition to my deep involvement with music I run my own design and web development business called Designs by Hines. I'm also a certified yoga instructor and together with my wife Mary, we manage an wellness blog called the Well Rounded Guru where we share tasty recipes and insights on health and general wellbeing.

When I'm not focused on a music or design project, I enjoy cooking, reading, time outdoors, riding motorcycle, and playing with our dog Jaya.

Follow Your Bliss

Because of my broad skill set I'm can offer instruction on a variety of instruments and topics. If you have no prior experience, most people find it helpful to begin on piano but I encourage you to go wherever your passion lies. Here you will find a list of the all different instruments and musical instruction I have to offer.

Choose Your Ax


Together we'll cover the basics of keyboard technique while studying the fundamentals of music. You'll learn how to read music, build chords, and how to play by ear. If you geek out over cool sounds, we can study synthesizer, programming, and sound design.


From square one, we'll learn how to tune and about basic care for your instrument. Second we'll cover chord shapes and how to play scales like the pentatonic scales. If you play acoustic we can work on strumming, finger picking, and how to accompany vocals. On electric we'll cover tone and how to get the most out of your amp along with FX pedals.


Beginning with reeds, the mouthpiece, and how to put the horn together, we'll then study how to develop good tone. As you progress we'll get into vibrato, how to increase speed, and even make the horn growl! From classical sax to jazz we'll cover all the bases.


For starters we'll focus on sticking technique, coordination, and rhythm. On the kit we'll learn a variety of common beats and how to implement interesting fills. We'll also study how to practice using a metronome to develop a better sense of time.


Great for campfire sing-a-longs or just for fun, the uke is compact, portable, and easier to play than a guitar for most people. Anyone with smaller hands will find this the instrument of choice. We'll learn how to to create acoustic versions of you favorite pop songs. Soon you'll be the life of the next family gathering or holiday party!

Recording and Live Sound

Get your feet wet with audio basics. We'll begin with microphones and understanding signal flow. We'll then study the elements of creating a balanced mix and how to add FX like reverbs and delays to spice things up. We'll demystify compression and the art of EQ. We'll also cover DAWs and the use or proper editing techniques.

Songwriting & Music Theory

The foundation of all songwriting is understanding melody, harmony, rhythm, and form. You'll learn how to put these elements together in creative ways to craft your won unique songs. We'll study how other artists write and through learning about the songwriting process you'll get control over expressing what you hear in your head.

Music Business

Get business savvy and learn about the logistics behind self management as a professional musician, artist, or band. We'll talk about branding, how to market yourself, and what it takes to be a pro in the industry. We'll cover what you need to do to book gigs, promote your art, and all that goes into recording your debut album.

Lesson Information

Playing an instrument can be a greatly rewarding experience. In addition to learning the foundational elements of music you need to understand how everything relates. Jourdan excels at helping connect the dots to see the bigger picture and does so in a fun, engaging manner.

Lessons to Fit Your Needs

I offer private one-on-one music lessons, classes, guest lecturing, and specialized instruction. Regular weekly lessons at my studio will yield the best results however for special circumstances we can arrange a floating schedule or online lessons.

  • All Ages & Abilities Welcome
  • Flexible to Meet Individual Needs
  • Variety of Topics to Explore
  • Student Access to Online Tools & Resources
  • Online Scheduling & Payment Portal
  • Positive, Upbeat, & Supportive Instructor

Jourdan's Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to empower students with the tools they need to be successful. The path taken to achieve this goal is individualized. Whether it be a professional career in music or a personal hobby to share with friends and family, I strive to make music a positive and rewarding experience to last a lifetime.


Stephanie House

"Jourdan has been an excellent guitar teacher for our son the past three years. He is organized, reliable, and provides clear instruction. He has personalized his approach to meet our son's interests, learning style, and passions. Perhaps most critically, Jourdan's incessant positive mood and outlook have countered moments of frustration and helped our son persist."

Paul Nitsche

"Jourdan's combined patience and knowledge make learning music a pleasure. His teachings are balanced progressions of technique, theory and hands-on practice. Always informative and always fun, I am happy to have Jourdan as my teacher for years to come."

Suzie Madden

"We feel fortunate to have Jourdan as our teacher. My son is learning to play music that he likes, both by ear and from written music. Jourdan challenges my son to work hard, but always maintains a positive and patient approach. He also makes rescheduling as painless as possible, with the online scheduling tool. He is a professional in every aspect of our experience!"


If you would like information on pricing or have other questions regarding lessons, please complete the form below and I will get back to you.